Tank Sizes

Choosing the right propane tank size is key to cost efficiency. If your tank is too small, it’ll need filling more often and can increase both your propane cost and your delivery fees. Too large, and you’ll pay more upfront for the tank and installation. 

That’s why we always send a technician to properly size a propane tank for your home. We offer both above-ground and underground tanks, and we stock a wide variety of tanks for permanent and temporary installations.

small home propane tank

50 gallon tank

This smaller-sized tank is great for powering cooking appliances and drying clothes. 

fireplace propane tank

Hot Water / Fireplace / Garage Heat
100 gallon tank

This tank can power several household appliances at once, or heat a swimming pool or fireplace—basically, anything besides primary home heating.

home standby generator propane tanks

Heat / Pool Heat / Generator
2 x 100 gallon tanks

This combination ensures you have a steady supply of fuel when you need it. 

heat and hot water propane tank

Heat & Hot Water
500 gallon tank

This is the most common size when propane is the primary fuel for heat, hot water, cooking, generators, pools, and more.

large home propane tank

Large Homes
500 or 1000 gallon tank

Best suited for homes that are over 4,500 square feet and use propane for multiple needs. Just keep in mind, you must have enough outside space to store it.

underground propane tanks

Underground Tank

This is a good option if above-ground space is limited around your home or you want to keep the tank out of sight. These tanks are available in 250 gallon, 500 gallon and 1000 gallon sizes.