Propane-Powered Generators

whole house or portable home propane powered generators in MA & RI

In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except power outages and taxes.
- Benjamin Franklin

Maybe that’s not the exact quote, but it doesn’t make it any less true. With power outages becoming more frequent in the Northeast, generators aren’t a luxury—they’re a necessity. And propane-powered generators are the cleanest, most reliable option.

When a storm hits, a propane-powered, whole-house generator will keep your home running comfortably until power is back on the grid. Portable generators are handy in emergencies, but can also light up your camping trip or power an outdoor party.

Why go with propane instead of gas or diesel? We can think of a few good reasons:

  • Propane doesn’t have a shelf-life, so you don’t have to use it up or add stabilizers.
  • Propane won’t gum up your engine or damage rubber seals and fuel lines.
  • Propane-powered generators start-up easily, even in extreme winter weather.
  • Propane generators need less maintenance, because propane doesn’t leave residue or carbon deposits in motors.
  • Propane is a green fuel: no fumes, no toxic waste, no environmental hazards.

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