How often will my propane get delivered?

Typically, we monitor our customers' propane use over time, along with putting customers on a hassle-free automatic delivery schedule.

Remote monitoring: This service is available to any heating customer upon request. Currently, we monitor all heating accounts in Rhode Island’s Kent County, Providence County, and South County. We’re working to provide the same service for 100% of our customers in southeastern Massachusetts by 2025. It’s a costly endeavor, but it’s worth it to us to invest back in the business and provide you with the highest possible service.

Automatic schedule: For customers with regular year-round use, such as gas cooking, clothes dryers, or water heaters, we use a Julian schedule based on calendar days. Typically, a 500-gallon tank for an all-gas home will get deliveries 4 times per year, while a 1,000-gallon tank might get deliveries 3 times per year.

For customers with primary heating appliances, we use a degree day method, which factors in your usage rate and seasonal temperature changes. If temperatures drop in a given period, more degree days occur and your heating fuel needs increase, so your fuel delivery takes place sooner. If temperatures rise, resulting in fewer degree days, you won't need a new fuel delivery as quickly.

Will-call delivery: You call us when you need a delivery. We don't recommend will-call if you use propane for your primary heating, because you’re at greater risk of running out of fuel. That can cause a serious safety hazard and requires that a service technician check your system before we refill your tank. Will-call delivery can also be more expensive than the other methods, as additional fees may apply if we don't have enough advanced notice.