We Care More

What’s the biggest difference between Propane Plus and other companies in MA and RI? We care, plain and simple. We try harder to make our customers’ experiences the best they can be. That means we do what we say. We solve problems as fast as we can. And if we make a mistake, we’ll make it right. 

We make things Simple, Safe & Friendly for you.

Our Company Values

We know it sucks to take a cold shower when your water heater stops working. So, we’ll get there fast and fix it. If you run out of heating fuel in the winter, we’ll be there within an hour. At Propane Plus, we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. Whether you’re a small family or a large business, your safety and comfort are our priority.

Because we constantly invest in our people and our resources, we have the most highly trained technicians and the best equipment in the business. And we’re always at the forefront of advances in the propane industry. But none of that matters if we don’t treat our customers right.

That’s why we still have live people answering the phone. We have the fastest response time in the area. And we continually push ourselves to be a little better than we are, every day.

Our Promise to You

  • We’re easy and friendly to do business with.
  • We care about your safety like it’s our own.
  • We’ll fix any problem in one call or one trip.